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Unlike the kid in The Princess Bride, I like kissing books.

Be proud, write loud.


DJ DeSmyter is a young adult author living in the bustling New Jersey/New York City area. His debut novel, Hunted, was published in August 2011 by Pendrell Publishing. If you like young adult literature, werewolves, and kissing, then you'll probably love his book. DJ is currently swimming in the depths of a new project and is looking forward to seeing where his writing takes me next.
Besides being a writer and reader, DJ is a singer/songwriter, photographer, and TV addict. When he's not being any of those things, he can often be found cutting up scrapbook paper and making greeting cards for friends and special occasions. Or you'll find him on the couch eating Nutella, because, really, Nutella is awesome.
For more information on DJ and his various projects, please visit www.djwrites.com.